Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tofu sandwich.

Another dish that i made on valentines day:) easy, low cal , tasty:)
Regular bread or long Parmesan bread sliced diagonally.
Salad mix. (you can throw in any greens u like)
Thin slices of Tomato.
Thin slices of red onion.
Olives sliced.
One pack of hard tofu (momen tofu).
For tofu marinade.
4-5tbs Olive oil.(you could use less if you want it to be low-cal)
2 tbs finely chopped garlic
1 tbs vinegar
sprinkle of mixed herbs(fresh is better)
black pepper
red chili flakes.
First cut your tofu into long rectangles and marinade them for about 2 hours or more.After its stayed on, heat a nonstick pan and put the tofu cubes on them carefully. You do not need oil in the pan because the marinade has enough oil. cook both sides until nice crisp brown.Assemble your sandwiches when you are ready to serve.Spread a good spoon full of hummus on the bread first, throw in your greens, keep a slice of tomato and onion, tofu, olives, jalapenos and cover with another slice of bread spreaded with hummus:)

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