Friday, 24 October 2008

Peppery Basil Spaghetti

I love the flavour of paprika. The colour and the flavour both add a zing to the dish. This spaghetti is one of the most quickest and delicious recipes, Its spicy and creamy at the same time. the sweetness of basil brings out the flavour of the dish.I don't think i have ever cooked any dish without this particular ingredient. :) Paprika !!
So this ones for MIMI


Peppery Basil Spaghetti
For the sauce:
7 to 8 leaves of fresh basil
1/4Th cup of almonds
1/2 cup fresh cream
Crushed red pepper flakes (adjust to ur taste)
Olive oil
3-4 tbs of Chopped garlic

Grind Almonds, basil, fresh cream in a blender, add some olive oil to it.Boil Spaghetti mean while.In another pan add garlic and saute well, add the blended basil paste. and saute for about a minute. Then add crushed chili flakes and boiled spaghetti.Saute well till the paste blends well with spaghetti. Sever hot!


  1. Loved the idea of almonds,basil and paprika....looks yum...this is my first visit to your blog ,you have a cool space here :-)

  2. What fun! This looks really simple, perfect for a busy day.

  3. I like spaghetti exactly like this, keeping it basic! Thanks for visiting me, and your encouraging words. I would love to be tagged for the fund raiser as I was anyways going to bake a bread without a tag:)