Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Big Thank You wth...Tomato Garlic Biscuits.

This post is a virtual way of thanking Srivalli @ Cooking 4 all Season who organized this wonderful event Cookie Mela.
I feel proud to be the winner of this wonderful book gifted by Valli  "taste of home" Cookies.
I received this book today and am super excited to bake each and every of the 623 recipes this book has.
From the bottom of my heart Thank You Srivalli.

This biscuit is heavenly and the best part is it is savoury and super easy to make.
You could use them for breakfast, as a evening snack or just a filler with a light salad for dinner, and i should not forget pin pointing that these biscuits are really low in calorie.
I played it a little safe this time by using AP Flour, m sure to experiment with Whole Wheat Flour soon.
You could bake them a size or two big and use them as a burger bun, a sandwich bread ....
This recipe had been bookmarked in my recipe book since really long.. and I am glad at last i gave it a try.

Tomato Garlic Biscuits
1 Cup APF
1/2 tsp Baking pwd
1/4th tsp salt
5-6 tbs Sun dried tomatoes chopped finely
1/2 cup low fat yogurt
1/3th cup olive oil
Chili flakes (Adjust to your taste )
Jalapenos (optional)
Pre-heat your oven at 180 deg C. 
Mix all the above ingredients until well combines. Line your baking tray with parchment paper.
Drop the prepared dough on the baking sheet and bake for about 12-15 minutes.. the top of the biscuits should have turned golden brown.
Enjoy them while warm.

**Note** The texture of these biscuits is cake like.

This post is off to Valli's Cookie Mela.


  1. So glad that you liked the book...those cookies are looking so yum!..

  2. This surely is innovative..seriously the combo is unique..look great...and congratulations !...I am sure we shall see loads of cookies now:))

  3. Ohh my gosh those biscuits look so good. I must make those asap.