Monday, 9 July 2012

Choco-Vanilla Cup Cake

Happy Birthday Maa! ..
Having Internet makes it so much easier to make your loved ones feel special.
Here i take the full advantage.. and thought of presenting virtual cupcakes for my Moms Birthday.
Hope you like them.
I shall post the recipe soon.... for now do have a virtual taste of these Choco-Vanilla Cuppies :)

Happy Birthday Maa! - With loads n loads of love~


  1. OMG!!..they r amazing..very very beautiful...Thank You so much ..bache..have loved them and can see the love u have put in them.Its a blessing to have daughters..specially like the ones I u loads..and thank you again..:)))

  2. How wonderful and sweet! those cupcakes look amazing and what a wonderful gesture. Internet surely makes the distance small..

  3. They look so cute! No doubt Vaishali's thrilled! And wonderful decoration...hope to see the recipe soon!