Thursday, 9 July 2009

Malpua/WHole wheat pancakes.

These sweet wheat pancakes are my favourite. I had not made or u can say had them in ages, So yesterday was one occasion i thought was perfect to make them on. It was Guru purnima, and had to make some prasad and the first thing in the morning when i woke up was MALPUA :) so it had to be it ! :)
I made a very instant version of it just mixing the batter and frying them. Its pretty instant so ya u don't have to wait too long to eat this yummy treat :) which u have to otherwise until u make ur sugar syrup. Traditionally they are deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup to sweeten them.
SO here's my instant recipe for :
Malpua's/Whole wheat pancakes.
1 cup whole wheat
½ cup sugar
1 tsp fennel crushed.
¼ cup curd
½ cup milk
Pinch of cardamon pwd.
Nuts to garnish
Mix all the ingredients except the nuts and ghee, blend well in a blender or mix well until smooth. Let it stand for 10 min or more, In the mean time heat some ghee in a pan on medium low heat. Pour a tablespoon worth of batter in the pan and let it cook, Flip on the other side to cook evenly until golden brown. Remove on a kitchen paper and plate them, while garnishing with ur choice of nuts :)

Thats the pic of my daughter while her mouth is stuffed with malpua;s 2 at a time :)
The best option is to serve it with chilled RABDI :) (Indian sweet made with milk)

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  1. Lovely recipe i tried it as soon as i read it. Turned out well though i did some variations like i also added little black pepper to it with 1 tbsp milk extra. Yummy :)