Friday, 9 May 2008


I love to try new things :) Food is my weakness and if i get something veg i will not let it go, i have to try it.
Here in japan i hardly get the opportunity to try new things but recently on our hiking trip to MOUNT TAKAO i got to try kushiyaki dango.
I cannot explain much about the taste, it was bland, sweet, sticky...
Let me brief u a big about what it is.
Its made of Mochi (sticky rice) which is basically powdered rice made to a ball held on skewers and dipped in soyu sauce. later its grilled on coal in a different way. The pic explains it better :)

The steal about this is after u finish eating and if u give the skewers back you get 10 yen back for your skewers :)


  1. too busy admiring ur food to actually try anythn! ur brilliant.

  2. Nice recipe Mahima.