Monday, 28 April 2008

Happy Birthday

My daughter turned 1 year old on the 26th of April 2008 :)

Time flies, but when i sit and think do i even have any time? Well Mommies are always on the run i believe.:)

Back to the topic.. Birthday cake :)

Well there was no party for her as i felt that she is too small to understand a birthday party so y not do something she loved, She loves animals so we took her to the zoo:) n it was the perfect decision to spend the day with her seeing her smile.

So it was a obvious fact that the cake had to be some animal. I have never done a deco cake ever in my life. Or say I've never done a icing cake in my life:) this was the first and i dint want it to be a disaster. It was her FIRST birthday, how could i ruin things... Well here is what i made for her ...

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