Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sugary Flowers for Mom...

Life events are a bit too overwhelming at times, sometimes you need to take a break and refuel yourself, and yes I took one infact a very long one.., but now craving to be back in action.
Without getting much into details, I would like to talk about my first post.
This post is very special to me, not only because it’s my first one after years of break but because this one is my first guest post for my Moms blog. Ribbonstopastas.blogspot.com
I feel honored to be able to post on her blog, she has been my guide and inspiration in every way in every walk of my life.

I was waiting for the perfect occasion to try my hands on sugar cookies and decorate them, and I found one, My daughter- Kaira’s 5th birthday. I baked around 90-100 cookies and decorated around 80 of them. It sure is pretty time consuming but a fun activity. As this was my first time I kept it as simple as I could by taking as simple pattern and one color scheme. The End result…. Everyone loved em!! 

So Mom this one’s for you.... 
You can find my Sugary Flowers. @ www.Ribbonstopastas.blogspot.com


  1. You've got a wonderful blog, Mahima!And your flower sugar cookies are downright adorable! A lovely guest post for mothers day :)

  2. awsum post from a lovely daughter for mom!!..super work ...hope to see more of u in this blog world.... ..love u!!

  3. Beautiful post Mahima! A wonderful gift for Mother;s day :)

  4. What a wonderful way to appreciate mom! Love those gorgeous cookies...man! must say you do have lot of patience :) Good job! And welcome back to blogging :)