Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tandoori Pizza!

My hubby loves a lot of colour in his food. And his favourite food is PIZZA :) so yes, i Indianized my pizza!! Mixed in a whole bunch of colourful veggies and Indian spices to make this Tandoori Pizza.
Its healthy and spicy kinds. The mix of spices adds to the flavours of cheese.You could choose to bake your own bread for the base or use the ready ones.

1 Onion diced

A can of mushrooms(or fresh) diced

A small head of broccoli

Garlic - 6-8 cloves

Olive oil - 2 tbs

2-3 Green Pepper diced

2-3 Green olives sliced

Handful of basil leaves

7-8 Baby tomatoes halved

2 Tbs Tomato paste

1/2cup Cottage cheese

1/2 cup Mixed shredded cheese

2Tbs Tandoori masala


Red pepper powder

Dash of lemon juice.

In a pan add some olive oil and garlic, let the flavour of garlic infuse in the oil and add all the veggies, coat well in olive oil and then add salt + tandoori masala. Let the veggies cook till almost done, and add the basil leaves, tomato paste along with red pepper pwd. Cook on high flame till u get a aroma and add lemon juice.
Top this Mix on your pizza base and sprinkle the mix if cheese & cottage cheese generously, Top with olives and grill for about 10 min or until cheese melts.
Serve hot!!

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