Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Herb garlic focaccia

If my hubby had a option of reincarnation We'd choose to b Italians..
And id B a Italian cook:) lol
There is only one thing common between my hubby n me... n that is LOVE FOR ITALIAN FOOD:)
So i tried this new recipe for focaccia:) i wish i could master this cuisine to the best..


1sachet(11gms) dried yeast
t 4-5tbs olive oil
1cup tepid water
2 cups plain flour , and extra for rolling out
3-4 Tbsp rosemary leaves , Thyme leaves. u could use fresh or dried.
1 Tbs garlic powder or fresh minced garlic is good too.

Make the dough By first adding Yeast in a cup of water.
Let the yeast prove for about 5 -10 min.
Then add the yeast mix to the flour, add a pinch or more salt and sugar to it.
Knead the dough well and in a greased bowl wrap a cling film around the bowl and leave it in a warm place for about 1-2 hours to prove.
The dough will double in size.
Pre-heat the oven at 160deg C for about 10 min.
Then remove the dough and take the air off the dough, then roll it into desired shape.. round or a rectangle...Using your fingers .. make finger prints to make a nice design.
Rub a little olive oil on it, n sprinkle the herbs and garlic powder on it.
Bake it for about 30 min.You could eat it hot or cold:)The trick is to drizzle a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese before u munch on it:))Enjoy

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