Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Blogging is the latest trend, so i thought y should i be left behind:) lol
Well this could be one way to share my love for FOOD. and talk about my new "Ecstasy" Babies..

Lets start with FOOD. What to eat today???????????
that's one question, questioned by me to my husband everyday:) and the best part is more thought is given to it than anything else ..
The answer to the question is always xeroxed... "SOMETHING NICE" n that lands up to "dal chawal" which is not so nice (considering eating it everyday) .. but is one of the most snappiest, effortless, inexpensive meal to eat.
Not that i end up cooking the same but as i said the answer is so.

I was a Foodie since a kid... I love eating which made me develop interest in cooking...
Cooking was a hobby, adoration at once.. but now its more like a "to-finish" daily grind.

But still this so called daily grind has not made me loose interest in the same... infact its made me more dogged towards being a more sharpened cook, not just for me but also for my husband as he relishes his food:)

Not to forget our resoluteness towards "VEGETARIANISM" has played a extensive role towards my so called chase towards being a better and a more versatile cook.
Living in Japan and being a vegetarian is not a very easily manageable task, because our vegetarianism is not just restricted to "no meat" it is more meticulous than anybody could think.
no eggs, no egg products, no gelatin ....NOTHING.
And outside India people barely have a reason not to cook without egg or gelatin .. etc...

Well i m trying hard to make my husband not miss palatable vegetarian meals, may it be home cooked simple dal chawal, or roadside vada-pav, or the fusion cooking like the Indian style Chinese :)(inspite of having limited resources).
A smiling face is half the meal:) and i belive
Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside(surely not written by me but believed notably)


  1. i agree with you, staying in tokyo and being vegitarian...a tough job:-)
    see this blogspot i am sure u will like it
    i love the way she presents all the dishes and also her way f writing and the snaps she uses its awsome.
    Hope u will enjoy...


  2. sometimes i really worried about amit... hope you are cooking well,,, hehehehe

  3. i know.. being a veg in a foreign country can be difficult :(